Extend Function (I/O) Board

> Four-alarm output, free to the host controller to the definition of a door and the door to a number of features.
> Can connect the output signal fire, the Fire received the signal controller automatically open their doors to all and have a fire alarm records available for consultation.
> Support for the "illegal intrusion" and "the door is not closed for a long time" and "coercion to enter," and "linkage to open the door" and "invalid card" and "fire" alarm linkage output, and so on.
> Can be set for each output of the delay time 0-6000 seconds.
Unit Packing Way
User Manual, necessary parts for connecting panel
Function Introduction
Applicable to access controllers
Can Control:
invalid break in alarm, long time unlocking alarm, intimidation break in alarm, unlocking linkage output, invalid card swiping alarm, integrated fire control alarm
Should pay attention to:
This enhanced Alarm Output and Integrated Fire Control Expansion Panel only can compatible with C series controller, and the software should be V6.6 or higher version.
Output and input :
4-way input and 4-way alarm output. You can specify which function to which door of the controled area .Can connect the fire control output, when fire signal received, doors in the controlled area will be open automatically, and fire alarm will be recorded.
Allow to change anti-intimidation password 

Can set long time unlocking alarm time: 0-6000 seconds 

Can set the time delay of each output from 0 to 6000 seconds

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